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​We plan on helping build the PR community, one event, one webinar, one session at a time!

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​It's a jungle out there, and navigating the PR industry can be overwhelming, however, you can count on #ItsJustPR to lead and guide you right to and through that door of opportunity.
It'sJustPR.com was inspired by Publicist Deidre Palode with the urge to help the next publicist grow and develop into the best Public Relations professional possible. The Purpose of ItsJustPR.com is to build a solid connection between aspiring and thriving publicists and media professionals around the nation.
 ItsJustPR.com will assist in growth of PR Practitioners who wants to get their company and/or skill set to the next level and who desire to be Qualified, Dependable, Equipped, and Eager to provide for their clientele. ItsJustPR.com is a platform designed to connect real industry professionals with aspiring professionals to enlighten their horizons on what it takes to become a GREAT Public Relations professional in all industries including fashion, entertainment, sports, beauty, film/television, lifestyle, faith and more. It's Just PR's name has a twist, because in reality, "Just PR" is way more. Simply relating to the public..."PR" comes with more than one skill set. It is public relations, media relations, communications, event publicity, product placement, social media, writing, brand management, graphic design and so on. ItsJustPR.com is here to help cultivate real knowledge and real relationships in the public relations field.  "Become a Great Publicist, it's only right!" - Deidre Palode, Creator of It's Just PR.

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